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about diletto winery

It all began in Ireland...

A few years ago, we had the opportunity to travel to Ireland where we tasted a wine called honey meade. We had never really liked wine but this stuff was delicious. When we got home Gary decided he'd try to make his own meade.

After lots of research, he created what we believed was a pretty tasty drink. Others agreed and a few years later we entered several of our wines and won a Gold Medal for our meade at a wine competition. In total, 4 of our wines won medals that day. Since then, we've felt the need to share wine with others - many of whom never really liked wine...until now. Visit our Canfield winery (9182 Youngstown Salem Road, Canfield, Ohio) or call us to learn more 330-286-3925

award-winning wines

runner-up best of show:
banana wine

Our banana wine is made from 100% bananas. It's a very unique wine. (Chocolate Banana available now)

gold medal:

We hand pick our own local elderberries to create this flavorful wine. This wine is sold out.

gold medal
honey meade

HONEY WINE is available now in very limited supply! Grab it while you can!

gold medal:
apple cider wine

Our ciders will return in the fall.

About the owners

In August 2014, Gary retired from 23 years in the Army National Guard to pursue his love of wine making. Aside from his vinting job, he is also in charge of winery maintenance & construction.

On June 21st we took a leap of faith in the hope that our dream of owning a winery would be something people would enjoy also. We are so very thankful for your support this year! We wish you a healthy 2017!

Jacqueline works as a Registered Nurse when she is not managing, decorating or planning events at the winery. She is also in charge of creating our website & social media presence.