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Here are some answers to frequently asked questions!

Food & Drink Questions:

Q: Do you make your own wine?
A: Yes we make everything onsite. We make wine, sangria, brandy and cider. Our wine list changes frequently (as things sell out and new wines come available).

Q: Where do you grow your grapes?
A: Our specialty is fruit wine. We source our fruit locally wherever possible, using local farmers (White House Fruit Farm, Haus Cider Mill, etc)

Q: Do you serve beer?
A: Yes, we carry a variety of Ohio craft beers.

Q: Do you sell your brandy in bottles?
A: We are now able to sell our brandy "to-go".

Q: Are you open on Sundays?
A: We do have a permit to sell wine/beer/liquor on Sunday. We book bridal showers, baby showers, graduation parties, anniversary celebrations, private painting parties and/or escape room bookings by appointment on Sundays. If you are interested in booking an event during a day we are not typically open, please call Jacqueline to make arrangements 330-286-3925.

Q: What are your hours?
A: We are open Wednesday 5-10pm, Thursday 5-10pm, Friday 5-11pm, Saturday 1-11pm

Q: Do you serve food/dinner?
A: Yes, we have a regular menu during the week (kitchen closes one hour before winery closes)
and special dinner options on Friday & Saturday (6:30pm until gone). View our food menu here >>
Dinner specials may include such items as Smoked Beef Brisket or Smoked Salmon Dinner, BBQ Ribs, BBQ Chicken, Fish Tacos, etc. Call 330-286-3925 for current specials or follow us on Facebook >> (you must be 21+ and signed in, to view our Facebook page)

Q: Can we bring in our own food?
A: You may bring in a cake/cupcakes from a bakery for a birthday, etc. All other outside food & snacks are prohibitted.

Q: Can we bring in our own wine/beer/alcohol?
A: No. It is illegal to bring in outside alcohiol. This includes items that are contained in gift bags/baskets for parties/birthdays. Please inform your guests of this law. If you are found to be in possession of outside wine/beer/alcohol you will be asked to remove these items from the premises.

Q: What's in the mason jars?
A: We make several flavors of sangria (individual serving or by the pitcher). At any one time we may have 6 or more flavors of sangria.

Q: Can I taste a sample of the wine/brandy/cider?
A: Yes! You may try a sample of any of our wines/brandy/cider for 50cents each. (Ohio law mandates that no wine is served free of charge. We recognize that state laws vary and your home state may allow serving wine samples free of charge. It is, however, illegal to do so in Ohio).

Q: Can I taste a sample of the sangria?
A: The sangrias are made fresh to order. We suggest trying a sample of the base wine/cider if you're curious about the general flavor.

Q: How is the brandy made?
A:There are two types of brandy. 1) Oaked brandy (which we do not currently make...similar to Cognac, etc) and 2) fruit brandy (marinated or infused with fruit).
All brandies are made from distilled wine and then diluted and either oaked or infused with fruit. We only serve fruit brandy at this time. The brandy does sell out and may not always be available. Each batch varies and is made with seasonal fruit where possible. Brandy does contain a higher alcohol content than wine and we suggest sipping this beverage.

Q: Can I buy wine for my child(ren)?
A: No. Our policy requires that each person consuming alcohol is at least 21 years of age. We card. Please bring your valid ID.


Q: What are your hours?
A: We are open Wednesday 5-10pm, Thursday 5-10pm, Friday 5-11pm, Saturday 1-11pm

Q: Can we book the facility for a private event?
A: Yes! Simply call 330-286-3925. Please make all arrangements with Jacqueline.

Q: Is a deposit required to ensure facility rental?
A: Yes. Please confirm facilty rental arrangements with Jacqueline 330-286-3925

Q: Do we need reservations?
A: No. We do suggest reservations for groups of 8 or more. On live music nights we are not able to guarantee reserved seating since some musicians have a large following. Live music begins at 7pm. You may wish to arrive at 6:30 or earlier to ensure seating.

Q: Do you have the painting classes?
A: Yes, we have Sip 'n Paint classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays (generally 6-8pm). We also book painting classes for groups of 10 or more (you may choose the painting and/or colors).

Q: Do we have to pay for the painting class/escape room in advance?
A: Events often sell out. To ensure your seat, we recommend paying for your event in advance.

Q: When is your next Salsa Dancing Night?
A: We have Salsa Dancing often. A lesson is provided (typically from 7-8pm) and then social dancing and a DJ until midnight. Please view our event listings for upcoming events.

Q: What is an escape room?
A: You and your friends are locked in a room. The clock is ticking. The key to get out? Solve all the puzzles and clues before time runs out!
Now you can have big city fun in Canfield! Cost is $28/person and includes a glass of wine or sangria (must be 21+ to drink alcohol). Those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian during the entire experience.. Book here >>

Q: Can we book a private Sip 'n Paint class?
A: If you would like us to set up a special date/time for a painting class, we are happy to do so for groups of 10 or more. Please call Jacqueline at 330-286-3925 to make arrangements.

Q: Are you an Ohio Wines VIP participating winery?
A: Yes! Stop in and get visitor tickets to earn special rewards.

Q: Do you have outdoor seating?
A: Yes, we have a deck that is located at the rear of the winery (on a wooded lot), with string lighting, spool tables and umbrellas.

Q: Can I buy wine for my child(ren)?
A: No. Our policy requires that each person consuming alcohol is at least 21 years of age. We card. Please bring a valid photo ID.

Q: Do you allow children on the premises?
A: We welcome well-behaved and supervised children. The winery contains a private residence. Please do not allow your children to wander the facility. Please also note that we do not have highchairs or changing tables.